1906-1914 Stanley

As one of the most recognizable steam engines in history, the Stanley steamer helped to show us that cars could be powered using alternative methods. Though the company was only around for 20 some odd years, they left a major impact on the American automobile market. 

The Early History of the Stanley Steamer

The Stanley Automobile Company was founded by twins Francis and Freelan Stanley, who made their first company cars in 1902. By 1906, a Stanley Steamer Rocket broke the world record for the fastest automobile at 127 mph.

Ancient Technology of the 1906-1914 Stanley

Up until 2014, Stanley Steamers utilized vented exhaust systems that sprayed steam into the air around the car, which meant that you needed to fill the water tank continuously. The cars used compact fire-tube boilers to power their two-cylinder engine.

From Popularity to Obsolescence – a Timeline of the 1906-1914 Stanley

The post-1906 models were known as “coffin nose” models thanks to the steam boilers that were in the front of the vehicle. During the late 1910s, the cars became obsolete, as new internal combustion engines were dramatically improving.

The 1906-1914 Stanley in the News

In recent news, Auto Week has compared the Stanley Steamer to the new 2019 BMWi3. They’re saying that even a century later, the cars are one in the same, as they both were limited in places they could be “refilled.”

Celebrity Endorsements of the 1906-1914 Stanley

Of course, a car that is as strange as the Steamer belongs to one of the best-known celebrity car collectors in the world, Mr. Jay Leno. 

See him in action with his Steamer below!

Best 1906-1914 Stanley Groups

One of the largest Stanley Motors groups happens to be their registry website! Here you can find Stanley owners around the world.

The 1906-1914 Stanley – the First Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Over 100 years later, we’re shifting away from gasoline and combustion-powered engines once more. Could the Steamer make a grand return after all this time? We can only wait to find out!