1955 Chrysler c300 Hardtop

When you talk about the history of muscle cars, you can’t start without mentioning the 1955 Chrysler c300. This dominating 1950s muscle car was one of the best in its time.

A Short History of the 1955 Chrysler c300 Hardtop

When Chrysler put out the c300 Hardtop in 1955, their goal was to market it as the “world’s fastest stock car”. Only 1,725 of them were made before the release of the 300B in 1956. 

Innovations In Power – the 1955 Chrysler c300 Hardtop

As the first true muscle car, the car carried a Hemi V-8 engine with 300 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 16.9 seconds. It could reach 130 mph, which was incredibly fast for the time. 

A Timeline of Design in the 1955 Chrysler c300 Hardtop

Virgil Exner is the man that can be thanked for the classic forward design of the c300. The car included base-model Chrysler bumpers, Windsor rear quarters, and a New Yorker hardtop midsection.

The 1955 Chrysler c300 Hardtop in the News

In recent news, a dealer in Grand Rapids, Michigan just got ahold of a seemingly untouched Chrysler c300. It is being sold as a Chrysler “survivor” with incredibly low mileage and a well-kept interior/exterior.

Celebrity Endorsements of the 1955 Chrysler c300 Hardtop

There is no doubt that one of the most famous Chrysler c300 owners is Alan Kalter, David Letterman’s partner in crime from The Late Show.

Best 1955 Chrysler c300 Hardtop Groups

One of the top clubs that is dedicated to the preservation and community of Chrysler 300 cars is the Chrysler 300 Club.

The 1955 Chrysler c300 Hardtop – Pioneering the Muscle Car

In a time when Chrysler was dominating the NASCAR world, the 1955 c300 was on top. The 300 Series went on to become a Chrysler staple, though none has made an impact quite like the one that started it all.

Interested to see what NASCAR looked like in 1955? Check out the video below!