Bogda Peak, also known as Bogda Feng or Mount Bogda, is the tallest mountain within the Bogda Shan range.

Why Is It Famous?

Bogda Peak’s fame comes from its elevation of 5,445 meters, which makes it the highest mountain in Bogda Shan range.

What Is Nearby?

The mountain is in the eastern portion of the Tian Shan Mountains in China. Bogda Peak is part of the Bogda Mountain Massif. The peak is part of Fukang County in the Xinjian Uygur Autonomous Region.

Geological Description

The mountain has steep relief with sides sloping at angles of 70 to 80 degrees. This makes it incredibly challenging to climb. The Bogda Mountain massif, which the peak is part of, has many glaciers. The Bogda Mountains as a whole cover 150 miles of length with an average elevation of 13,000 feet. Bogda Peak is the tallest of the several peaks at the top of a two-mile ridge. While the main peak is 5,445 meters tall, Tuerparaty peak is 5,287 meters, and the Zhuwantielieke peak is 5,213 meters.

The range is in the Turpan Depression’s northern perimeter. This depression is a hollow in the surface of the earth, known for its elevation of 500 feet below sea level. Along the range’s southern side, the valleys are extremely windy, hot, and dry. The northern foothills, by contrast, have dense conifer forests. One of those forests features Tian Chi, “Heavenly Pool,” a serene lake with a Taoist monastery. The top of the mountain features snow throughout the year.

Events in Time

The first team to successfully climb Bogda Peak did so in 1981. This was a team of 11 people from Kyoto, Japan.


Bogda Peak is part of the Bogda Mountain Massif and the tallest peak in this range. It sits in China and poses a challenge for mountaineers due to its steep slopes.