Tirich Mir is the highest mountain of the Hindu Kush Range. It is also the world’s tallest mountain if you exclude those in the Himalayas-Karakoram Range. Experts believe that Tirich Mir means “King of Tirich” while others feel it may mean “King of Darkness.”

Why Is It Famous?

The fame of Tirich Mir mostly comes from its elevation of 7,708 meters. As mentioned, that height puts it among the world’s tallest mountains, especially if you don’t include those in the Himalayas-Karakoram Range.

What Is Nearby?

The mountain is in Pakistan’s Chitral District. It has views of Chitral town, from which you can easily see the mountain. Tirich is the closest village, which is located in Mulkow. This places it in the country’s North-West Frontier Province close to Afghanistan.

Geological Description

Tirich Mir East, the main summit of Tirich Mir, peaks in the west and the north formed the Upper Tirich Glacier Basin. These peaks create a semi-circle like a horseshoe. Tirich Mir East stands 7,692 meters tall, and Tirich Mir West II stands 7,500 meters. Tirich Mir West I is 7,487 meters, and Tirich Mir West III is 7,400 meters. There is also an unnamed peak that is 7,100 meters and Tirich Mir Little, which is 6,550 meters high.

As mentioned, this is the tallest mountain within the Hindu Kush. It is a cluster made up of rocky pyramids covered in ice. Tirich Mir is due south from Noshaq, the second-highest peak. It is also to the south of the main crest of the range.

Events in Time

A Norwegian expedition was the first to climb Tirich Mir, doing so in July 1950. Ascending the summit is a major undertaking, part of the reason the first ascent was so recent.


One of the tallest mountains in the world, Tirich Mir has multiple peaks to appeal to climbers and geologists.