Auburn Speedster

Nothing said “luxury” in the 1920s quite like the Auburn Speedster. Though the car was only in production for just over a decade, it made a lasting impact in the luxury car market with its bold design and powerful engine.

A Brief Tale of the Auburn Speedster

When Errett Lobban Cord took over the Auburn company, his goal was to design a new range of cars to bring them to the top of the luxury car market. In 1925, the company released the first Auburn Speedster 115. 

Technology and Innovations of the Auburn Speedster

The last Auburn Speedster, known as the Speedster 851, featured a front-longitudinal, water-cooled inline flathead eight-cylinder engine with a maximum 150 horsepower before production ended. 

A Short and Sweet Timeline of the Auburn Speedster

The first Auburn Speedster had 115 horsepower with semi-elliptic springs and mechanical brakes. By 1935, the engine had been upgraded to a 4.5L straight-eight engine with a supercharged option. The car’s production ceased in 1937.

The Auburn Speedster In the News

In recent news, a 2004 replica of the Speedster 851 is up for grabs from Fast Lane Classic Cars Inc. It comes complete with a CD player and power steering.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Auburn Speedster

It only makes sense that a funky car like the Auburn Speedster is owned by one of the music industry’s funkiest men, Cee Lo Green

Best Auburn Speedster Groups

If you’re looking to connect with other Auburn Speedster enthusiasts, one of the best places to do so is the Auburn Speedster Club.

The Auburn Speedster – the King of the Boattail

Though the Auburn Speedster died out before 1940, its designs inspired other luxury cars for many generations. Make sure to watch this car in action below!