Bajaj 125 Classic

The world doesn’t revolve exclusively around motorcycles and superbikes. 

Scooters are often underappreciated because they lack the “hardcore” designs that are so common among motorcycle and superbike manufacturers. However, scooters and mopeds like the Bajaj 125 classic have definitely earned their keep as well.

History of the Classic Series

Bajaj is one of the lesser-known Indian motorcycle companies, but this is not to say that it isn’t still a giant in the industry. Rather, it simply focuses its attention on the niches that are typically neglected by internationally-dominating Indian superpowers such as Royal Enfield.

Bajaj Auto was founded in 1945 to provide the Indian market with a more affordable alternative to the British and other European manufacturers. After several decades of suring up the company’s footing, Bajaj eventually managed to produce the Classic 125 in 1998.

Creating a Competitive Design

The design process that went into the simple Bajaj 125 Classic was far more complicated than you might initially think. Although the 125 Classic itself isn’t too complicated, finding a way to release a motorcycle capable of competing with the larger Royal Enfield was quite a challenge.

Eventually, the designers settled on something that looked absolutely nothing like any sort of Royal Enfield design: a bright, colorful scooter with a two-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a 124cc displacement.

One Generation

Not every motorcycle, superbike, or scooter goes into a second generation. Whether this is because the motorcycle works fine as is or is removed from production before designers have a chance to think up a functional second generation, who’s to say?

Bajaj 125 Classic (1998-2005)

The design specifications of the Classic 125 aren’t much to gawk at  if you’re used to checking out motorcycles and superbikes. However, the seven horsepower at 5,800 rpm and what little torque it does have, make this scooter a great vehicle for getting to and from local destinations.

With a top speed of only 53 miles per hour, however, it isn’t much good for longer commutes, that involve highway or freeway transit.


In September of 2019, rumors began to circulate about an all-new Bajaj Pulsar 125 Classic in development with a sleek, blue and black motorcycle design. While some are calling this one of Bajaj’s most stylish finishes yet, others are calling it just another scooter.

Not Common in Film

As the Bajaj 125 Classic isn’t too big any many markets, it hasn’t been picked up by any big-name celebrities or film or TV or producers, and it likely never will be, despite its modest success in the Indian markets.

Social Groups

Like we’ve mentioned above, Bajaj productions are often underappreciated outside of India, meaning that it’s somewhat of a challenge to find any good American or English-speaking social groups. 

Of course, this is also due to the fact that scooter culture isn’t really a thing, at least not in comparison to motorcycle culture.

Bajaj 125 Classic – A Modest Scooter

This modest machine is capable of taking you where you need to go in time, in comfort, but not quite in style. If the style is what you’re looking for, then you might want to cross your fingers and hope that the rumors about the all-new Bajaj Pulsar are true. 

If you couldn’t care less about style, however, the Baja 125 just might suit your needs.