Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

The Bajaj Avenger line has been nipping at the heels of Royal Enfield for the better part of a decade now.

This is no doubt because models like the Cruise 220, Street 220, and (let’s face it) any and all of the other 220s consistently meet and exceed consumer demands and desires, while the Royal Enfield brand hasn’t put out much new content in nearly a century.

Competitive From Birth

In 1945, Bajaj Auto formed with the intention of dominating the Indian industry of motorcycle manufacturing. However, only ten years later, Royal Enfield moved into India in an attempt to spread its wings. 

After another couple of decades, financial struggles would cause Royal Enfield to close its English headquarters and migrate all C-level management to India, resulting in a major power struggle that has lasted to the present day.

Designing a Way to Get an Edge

It is true that Royal Enfield only takes in revenues valued at a fraction of what Bajaj pulls in. However, as far as legacy and fame are concerned, suffice to say that Royal Enfield has been winning the competition for the bulk of its history.

In order to change that, the Avenger series engine was placed into a modified frame in an attempt to create a better-looking, better-sounding, and better-riding cruiser: the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220.

The Tiers of Avengers

Throughout the history of the production of the Avenger series, between 2005 and the present day, there have been three primary generations. 

This said, the Avenger Cruise 220 was part of the branched-out 220s produced as part of the second and third generations and thus has only been produced for two generations.

Bajaj Avenger Cruiser 220 (2015-2017)

All of the Avenger motorcycles use the same four-stroke, single-cylinder, DTS-i, SOHC engine with displacements of 219.9cc. The modifications made for the Cruise model include primarily cosmetic changes, with the technical specifications resembling the Avenger 220 in most other accounts.

Bajaj Avenger Cruiser 220 (2018-present)

The third generation of Avenger (that is, the second generation of the Avenger Cruise 220) included many of the same changes applied unilaterally across all models. Each of the Avengers that made it to generation three saw newly redesigned headlamps and instrument clusters.


Much of the coverage concerning the Avenger Cruise 220 circles the subject of how it compares to various Royal Enfield models (primarily the Bullet series, since that’s the bulk of what Royal Enfield produces, anyway). However, there are still a few outlets discussing the announcement of the 2019 models.

Unknown to Bollywood

Neither Hollywood nor Bollywood set designers seem to have been particularly interested in including the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220, or any other Avenger-series model, in their productions. As of 2019, this line has secured zero television or film production credits.

Social Groups

Nowhere near as popular on social media as the Avenger Street 220, the Avenger Cruise 220 has only a minor social media presence. This Facebook group with more than 1,400 likes seems to be the largest one dedicated to the Cruise 220 model.

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 – A Grade-A Cruiser

Despite what the designers over at Royal Enfield will tell you, the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is one of the best Indian-made cruisers currently available. As long as you like the Indian low and long profile of the Avenger, you’ll love the Cruise.