Bajaj Discover

There is no better bike to rediscover the little rider in you than the Bajaj Discover. 

The bike has been on the market for almost two decades, providing riders with a two-wheeled way to explore rather than to race. When it comes to traversing landscapes, there is no better bike on the Indian market than the Bajaj Discover.

An Introduction to the Bajaj Discover

The Bajaj Discover was first released to the market back in 2004 by the Bajaj Auto group. It was the second bike to hit the market from Bajaj after the popular Pulsar bike. 

Technology and Performance of the Bajaj Discover

The 2019 Bajaj Discover is powered by either 110 or 125 engine, both long, four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder engines with DTSi technology. The motor produces 8.5 bhp with a max torque of 9.81 Nm. A four-speed, all-down gearbox takes car of transmission duties. The new suspension setup uses front telescopic forks with 140 mm of travel, and the gas-filled rear twin shocks have 120 mm of travel, providing the longest travel suspension in class.

The analog-digital unit instrument cluster provides riders with an odometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, and one trip meter. The analog portion is the tachometer, which sits on the left. The switchgear is placed nicely within reach as well. Beyond that, the bike comes with striking LED headlamps that will help to light up the darkest of roads.

The Ever-Evolving Bajaj Discover (2004-Present)

The first variant of the Bajaj Discover came with a 125cc engine, and in 2005, the company released a 112cc variant. The bike had a 101 km/l mileage at this point. The Discover was made a single-variant model this year, and it was redesigned with brand new graphics, spring-in-spring suspension, a black grab-rail, 130 mm drum brakes, and six spoke alloys. 

By 2007, the company released a 135cc variant for a bit more power. This version featured a front disc brake, nitrox suspension, and a self-start function. By 2014, the new Discover model was equipped with a 124.6cc engine with DTS-i and ExhausTECH technology.

The Bajaj Discover In the News

In recent news, a Bajaj Discover was modified into a Cafe Racer in order to go up against a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Bajaj Discover

Unfortunately, the Bajaj Discover is not nearly as popular as the Bajaj Pulsar, meaning we have not been able to find any celebrity riders cruising around on this thing.

The Bajaj Discover in Pop Culture

Go ahead and discover this one-of-a-kind Bajaj bike in a wide array of films, such a Peking Express and Raju.

Best Bajaj Discover Groups

Fans of the Bajaj Discover must band together, as the largest Bajaj Discover club only has a little over 300 fans. With that said, it is still an excellent place for owners and enthusiasts to chat about their Discover bikes.

The Bajaj Discover – Discovering the Open Road

The Bajaj Discover is all in the name. It may not be the most intense sports bike on the market, though when it comes to going the distance on a comfortable and high-quality ride, the Bajaj Discover provides.