Cadillac LaSalle

While just about everyone knows the Cadillac name, not many people know that Cadillac had a luxurious partner in crime during the early half of the 20th century. With some of the most striking vehicles of the time, LaSalle secured its place in history as one of the great American luxury automobile manufacturers.

A Brief Story of the Cadillac LaSalle

The development of LaSalle dates back to the 1920s when General Motors was looking to fill the consumer gap between Oakland and Chevrolet. The first LaSalle vehicle emerged in 1927 thanks to Harley Earl, who would later become the company’s head designer for three decades.

The Design and Technology of the Cadillac LaSalle

The Cadillac LaSalle reached its final year in 1940. By this time, it had a Cadillac-style appearance with a narrow radiator grille, a sunroof, and a monobloc V-8 engine. 

A Timeline of the Cadillac LaSalle

  • First Generation Cadillac LaSalle (1927-1933)

The first generation Cadillac LaSalle featured Fisher and Fleetwood custom bodies and a Ninety Degree V-8 engine from Cadillac. 

  • Second Generation Cadillac LaSalle (1934-1938)

The second generation LaSalles were closely related to Oldsmobiles in design, with Fleetwood bodies and semi-shielded portholes.

  • Third Generation Cadillac LaSalle (1939-1940)

The third generation featured a sunroof and cat-walk headlights, as well as a few different body designs including the convertible sedan. 

The Cadillac LaSalle in the News

When Aretha Franklin was buried back in 2018, she was carried by the same LaSalle hearse that carried her father, as well as Rosa Parks. See the hearse in the video below.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Cadillac LaSalle

Surprisingly enough, there are a fair amount of LaSalle owners out there, including professional golfer Bubba Watson, who just recently auctioned his off!

Best Cadillac LaSalle Groups

The Cadillac & LaSalle Club has over 7,000 members, making it one of the largest collectors clubs for the vehicle in the world!

The Cadillac LaSalle – the “Poor Man’s Cadillac”

There is a special, nostalgic place in our hearts for the Cadillac LaSalle. Though it only lasted for about 13 years, it made quite an impact on the luxury automobile industry thanks to its luxurious designs.