Chevrolet Bolt

When anyone mentions electric vehicles, it’s only right to talk about the benchmark EV of our time: The Chevrolet Bolt. 

The Bolt is Chevrolet’s very first all-electric vehicle, and compared to the concept car that made our jaws drop year ago, a lot has progressed. With a home run range and an inexpensive price compared to the top electric vehicles on the market, it checks all the boxes for electric vehicle buyers.

Developing the Chevrolet Bolt

The Bolt went into development back in 2012 before debuting at the North American International Auto Show back in 2015. Before actually releasing the car, Chevrolet had to build 50 different prototypes to test the dynamics, charging capabilities, quietness, energy efficiency, and more. The production version of the Bolt was finally unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas during January of 2016. 

Electric Technology of the Chevrolet Bolt

The 2019 Chevrolet Bolt utilizes a 60 kWh lithium-ion battery that charges with a 240-volt outlet and provides 238 miles of charging before needing another recharge. Fast-charging is able to add about 90 miles for every 30 minutes of charge. 

Some of the top features on the inside include the 10.2” touchscreen infotainment system that comes complete with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 4G LTE. Beyond that, there is also a proximity key entry function and push-button start. 

The First Generation of the Chevrolet Bolt (2016-Present)

The Chevrolet Bolt is still very much in its first generation and it has not seen any major changes since its inception. There are a few features that have been upgraded for the 2019 year, however, including a charge-termination feature that gives you more selectable levels at which the vehicle will stop charging. This charge-termination feature helps to cut charging costs. 

There are also a few more paint colors, including Slate Gray, Green Mist, and Shock.

The Chevrolet Bolt In the News

In recent Chevrolet news, an EV tax credit is going to drop once more for the Chevrolet Volt in October 2019. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Chevrolet Bolt

There are many celebrities that are deciding to go green these days. Some of the top celebrities that we’ve seen sporting Chevrolet Bolts include Jay Leno, Bill Nye, and former president Barack Obama.

Best Chevrolet Bolt Groups

For owners and enthusiasts of the Chevrolet Bolt, the best place on the Internet to meet like-minded people is the Chevy Bolt website. It is the largest Chevy Bolt online community in the world right now, and is a great place for owners to discuss reviews, sport mode, charging, and battery range. 

The Chevrolet Bolt – Going Green

When the Chevrolet Bolt hit the market, it changed the game for electric car manufacturers. Finally, there was an electric car that was affordable for everyday people that was also equipped with a solid range, and a long list of impressive characteristics. There is no doubt that electric vehicles will eventually rule the future of the automotive market, and one day, we’ll look back to say that it all started with the Chevrolet Bolt. Cheers to a future that is greener everyone!