Confederate R131 Fighter

Sometimes the new kid on the block turns out to be the one to watch. That’s exactly the case with the Confederate Motorcycles, who have been making their mark on the industry since their inception in 1991. 

The Confederate R131 Fighter is a motorcycle that showcases one of the major things that makes Confederate Motorcycles different than other brands – the engineering first mindset. For these superbikes, form always follows function. With this bike in particular, that means that the form is a thing of real beauty and power. 

Unlike Anything on the Road

The industrial look of the Confederate R131 Fighter is unlike the scooters and motorcycles that you’re going to see on the road. It’s unlike muscle bikes or slick sports bikes too. You’re looking at a streamlined construction and a powerhouse of a motor under the seat. The design is nearly geometric, with full surfaces and hard shapes that meet geared curves. Unbound by the rigors of tradition, Confederate Motorcycles created a bike straight from the imagination of an engineer.

This is a motorcycle of superheroes. When someone drives it, they feel more like they’re in a futuristic film than on the highway. It looks like it would fit right in with Mad Max or jumping off a building in Gotham City. The distinct design has made it a favorite among collectors.

Some highlights of the power and distinctive features of this bike include:

  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Weights under 460 pounds
  • Black and silver finish
  • 131 cubic inch engine
  • Five speed transmission
  • 3.5 gallon fuel capacity
  • Carbon fiber wheels
  • 4 piston Brembo brakes

Driving around on this thing is like taking a ride into another world. It’s got the kind of speed and power that comes rom hardcore engineering, with the distinctive aesthetic that made Confederate Motorcycles turn heads. 

Rare and Coveted

Some superbikes are everywhere, but not this one. There are only ten of each color made of this bike. Each one retailed for a hundred thousand dollars new from the manufacturer when they rolled off the line. 

Every run of the bikes that Confederate Motorcycles has ever made has been a small one, coveted by collectors and the rich and famous. The motorcycle changed its branding completely to Curtiss Motorcycles in 2019, retiring it’s Confederate Motorcycle branding. Curtiss is a pioneering manufacturer of electric motorcycles, driven by the same innovation and engineering that made the Confederate R131 Fighter distinctive and sought after. 

Part of what made Confederate Motorcycles so distinctive was its production base in Louisiana and Alabama. The X132 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle is their most famous model, in large part because it set the record at 200mph on asphalt.  When the Confederate R131 Fighter was produced in 2013 with its extremely limited run, it was immediately snatched up by high end motorcycle enthusiasts, who promptly took their bikes off and into the sunset. Unfortunately, this bike is so rare that it’s almost impossible to find one. If you do manage to see one out in the wild, count yourself lucky. It’s not every day that you get to see a rare and coveted bird like this one. Of course you can always enjoy the longer run bikes that Confederate was famous for producing, but those don’t cost more than a single family home like the R131 Fighter. 

Though this bike is no longer in production, it’s still one that motorcyclists love to lust for.