Cord L-29

Front-wheel drive is something we take for granted now, though back in 1929, it seemed like a thing of the future. Let’s take this time machine back to the early 20th century and check out the first front-wheel-drive automobile, the Cord L-29.

The Revolution of the Cord L-29

The Cord company was started by E.L. Cord back in 1929 and lasted until late 1937. The concept of the L-29 came from Cornelius Van Ranst, a former engineer for Miller. The car was their first one released back in the same year the company started.

The Greatest Automobile Innovations of All Time – the Cord L-29

The Cord L-29 was the very first automobile to use front-wheel drive. It was powered by an inline-8 engine and drove three-speed transmission with a crankshaft that was pushed through the front. 

A Fleeting Timeline of the Cord L-29

The L-29 could be found in a couple of different iterations, including the Cord L-29 Cabriolet, which featured a low-profile, squared-roof, a four-door Cord L-29 Phaeton, and a Cord L-29 convertible coupe. These cars came with top-notch instrumentation of the time, including a temperature and oil pressure gauge, as well as a speedometer. They were discontinued in 1932 with 4,400 ever made.

The Cord L-29 in the News

In recent news, a gorgeous 1929 Cord L-29 recently took center stage at the Golden Valley Classic Car Show. It was in flawless condition. See more of the car show below!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Cord L-29

Some of the most famous Cord L-29 owners include Frank Lloyd Wright, one of history’s greatest architects, and famed American industrial designer Brooks Stevens.

Best Cord L-29 Clubs and Groups

One of the largest Cord Clubs happens to be the largest club for both Duesenberg and Auburn vehicles as well. Check out the ACD Club for more information! 

The Cord L-29

Though the great depression killed this luxury car, it didn’t kill the great achievements it made in automobile innovation. Any front-wheel-drive car owner in the world can thank the L-29 for all it has done.