Ducati PS1000LE

Inspired by, built for, and designed with speed, this superbike is one of unparalleled power, and with its sleek and retro-modern design you’d never be able to tell that it was originally produced in 2006.

A Legacy of Speed

The “PS” in PS1000LE stands for “Paul Smart,” the namesake and inspiration behind the creation of the Ducati PS1000LE. This motorcycle was invented to commemorate Paul Smart’s 1972 victory in the Imola 200 in 1972, because this win spurred some of the most influential innovations in motorcycle design in Ducati’s history.

The Design Specs

With the retro design, this modern motorcycle can throw the untrained eye for a loop, questioning whether it was a modernized design from the ‘70s or a nostalgic, retro spin on a design from the 2000s.

However, once you examine the design specs, you can see that this superbike couldn’t possibly have been produced before its time. The PS1000LE boasts a 992cc air-cooled, desmodromic 2-valve, 90-degree v-twin engine.

One of a Kind

Having been produced in 2006 and only 2006, there are no other generations of this model currently available, nor will there be. This is a truly limited edition–hence the “LE”–motorcycle.

  • Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition (2006)

The PS1000LE was capable of a whopping 92 horsepower at only 8,000 rpm according to claims by Ducati. The total torque under this motorcycle’s control came out to just about 67.3 pounds per foot at 6,000 rpm.

The transmission was a six-speed mounted in a tubular steel trellis frame designed to cosmetically resemble a retro cafe racer. The frame was supported by a suspension system designed by Öhilns with varying forks for the front and back tires.

The front is connected to a 43mm, upside-down, fully adjustable fork; whereas the rear wheel (only on its left side) is connected to a fully adjustable monoshock.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the design is a pair of twin mufflers extending high and proud off the right side of the rear wheel in a stunning retro fashion.

The Ducati PS1000LE in the News

red Ducati PS1000LE

As recently as 2008 and 2009, the PS1000LE was winning high-profile championship races. Celebrity pro racer Fast Frank rode a PS1000LE/FFR to victory in the AMA Pro-Moto GT2 Endurance Championship.

Celebrity Endorsements / Famous Media

Unfortunately, no prominent celebrities have yet to publicly come out as collectors of the Ducati PS1000LE. Hopefully this isn’t to say that they’ve never gotten to experience the thrill of riding one of them! However, the model has become extremely popular among collectors and racers.

Social Groups

There isn’t much of a robust following on social media designed specifically for the PS1000LE quite yet, since it’s only currently been 13 years since initial production; however, there is at least one group with a couple hundred members.

Ducati Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition – a Modern Classic

The Ducati PS1000LE just might be on its way to becoming one of the most sought-after classics to ever exist, having been designed by a top-tier motorcycle design company, sporting massive power and output potential, and of course bearing a retro design that’s so cool and so sleek.