Duesenberg Model J/SJ

Nothing says early 19th-century gangster quite like a Duesenberg Model J or SJ. These luxury automobiles were some of the top vehicles of their day, and we’re here to revive their story! 

Pre-Great Depression Greatness – A History of the Duesenberg Model J/SJ

When E.L. Cord took over the company in 1925 and changed the name of the company to Duesenberg Inc., he decided to create the largest and most powerful luxury car that the world had ever seen. The company set out to produce the Model J, which debuted at the 1928 New York Car Show.

The Design and Technology of the Duesenberg Model J/SJ

The last production of the Model J was in 1937. It came with a straight-eight engine and cost $8500, almost three times the salary of your average American worker of the time. The SJ was a supercharged version with a Duesenberg centrifugal.

A Timeline of the Duesenberg Model J/SJ (1928-1937)

The straight-eight Model J produced 265 horsepower. It featured a three-speed gearbox that was eventually replaced by a four-speed in the mid-1930s. The SJ came out in May of 1932 and featured a 320 horsepower engine. The major aesthetic difference between the two was the external exhaust pipe display on the SJ.

The Duesenberg Model J/SJ in the News

In recent news, a 1932 Duesenberg Model J Victoria Coupe showed its grille at the latest Monterey Car Show. It was fully restored in the 1990s.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Duesenberg Model J/SJ

As one of the most well-known celebrity car collectors on Earth, it probably comes as no surprise that Jay Leno owns his own Model J. Watch him in action below!

Best Duesenberg Model J/SJ Groups

The best Duesenberg group is also the top group for Auburn and Cord car collectors and enthusiasts. You can check out the ACD Club here.

The Duesenberg Model J/SJ

From gangsters to millionaires and beyond, the Duesenberg Model J/SJ was one of the top cars of its day. Almost a century later, getting one of these automobiles will ironically cost you even more!