Ford V-8

While Henry Ford had more than a few incredible achievements, many believe that his best was the Ford V-8. Although the V-8 was not introduced to the market until 1932, it made a huge impact on the Ford market that would last for generations to come. 

A History of the Ford V-8

Before the Ford V-8, almost all of the mass-produced cars in the United States used inline-six and inline-four engines. Ford wanted a way to bring the V-8, an invention of French Engineer Léon Levavasseur, from the luxury market to the consumer market. Thus, in 1932, the Ford V-8 engine was born.

Watch the lovely Ford V-8 Promotional Film from 1932 below!

Technology and Components of the Ford V-8

The Ford V-8 utilized a number of components, including a crankshaft, a single-engine block with exhaust passage routing, cadmium silver alloy main shell bearings, a single camshaft, and high oil pressure lubrication.

A Timeline of the Ford V-8

The Ford V-8 engine came in many different types that were classified by displacement. While the 221 engine was the original, Ford eventually introduced the 136 by 1937, the 239 by 1939, and the 255/337 by 1948. 

The Ford V-8 in the News

Ford has just announced an all-new V-8 engine with a naturally-aspirated 7.3L pushrod design. It can be found in the 2019 Super Duty F-250. See the car in action below!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Ford V-8

Some celebrities who own Fords with V-8 engines include Dave Grohl, Simon Cowell, and Shaquille O’Neal.

Best Ford V-8 Groups

Share your love of the Ford V-8 with the Early Ford V8 Club of America, a massive Ford club that celebrates the earlier V-8 Fords from 1932-1953.

The Ford V-8

As we continue to see the demise of cars that burn gas excessively, we can expect that the V-8 will not be around for very much longer. With that said, nothing can take away the fact that the Ford V-8 has a rich history and has influenced motor companies around the world for generations.