Graham Supercharger

Known as the “Spirit of Motion,” the Graham Supercharger was one of the underdogs of the early 20th century automobile market. It was a bizarre and exotic car at the time, though it has now become one of the country’s most iconic supercars in history.

The Inception of the Graham Supercharger

In 1927, the Graham Brothers began producing a variety of cars, which ended up withstanding the Great Depression better than many other car manufacturers of that era. It wasn’t until 1934 that the company introduced a Supercharger model that was driven by a crankshaft.

The Super-Tech of the Graham Supercharger

The Graham Supercharger utilized a supercharged six-cylinder engine that output 120 horsepower. The last iteration before the end of production in 1940 included two-door coupe and sedan models, both custom and standard. 

A Timeline of the Graham Supercharger (1934-1940)

The first 1934 Supercharger utilized a straight-8 engine until it was upgraded to a six-cylinder series 110 by 1936. In 1937, the car was upgraded even further with a 116” chassis and a 23.95 mpg rating.

The Graham Supercharger in the News

A Graham Supercharger was just recently in the news, as it was part of a Memorial Day car show that raised money for veterans affected by cancer. The 1936 Supercharger was in pristine condition.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Graham Supercharger

So far, we have been unable to locate any celebrity owners of the Graham Supercharger. However, we can see a Graham Supercharger in the 1955 French Drama, Gueule d’ange.

Best Graham Supercharger Groups

If you’re looking to be a part of a club with owners of the respected Graham Superchargers, we highly recommend checking out the Graham Owners Club.

The Graham Supercharger – the Classic Sharknose

Over the years, the Graham brothers would end up producing more supercharged cars than any other car manufacturers until Buick broke their record in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, Graham-Paige left the car business in 1944, though the cars still live on today. Make sure to see the car in action below!