Harley Davidson Iron 1200

Iron in the name and iron in the frame, the engine of this powerhouse motorcycle slides the Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 across the asphalt like an iron over a wrinkled blazer: seamlessly.

Unbeatable Harleys

Not even two world wars, the Great Depression, decades of economic stagflation, or a century of increasingly strict emissions standards can stop the Harley-Davidson Motor Company from pushing forward and pumping out smooth-riding classics.

Harley-Davidson has been producing its Sportster series since 1957, beginning with motorcycles designed for speed and racing. Nowadays, Sportsters come in all shapes in sizes with some being designed for speed and others being designed for that trademarked Harley smooth-riding.

A Smooth Sportster

Although the silhouette and the body might look a little less meaty and more “squished” than other Harleys, the Iron 1200 still boasts a beautiful aesthetic that comes standard with any Harley superbike or motorcycle.

The Iron 1200 derives its name from the Iron 883, continuing the Iron legacy, but overhauled the majority of the design specifications, most notably by increasing the engine’s displacement from 883cc to 1202cc.

Too New to Change

The Iron 1200 hasn’t been around for very long and has only had time to undergo its seminal generation.

  • Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 (2016-present)

The Iron 1200 first went into production in 2016 as an expansion to the already wildly successful line of Harley-Davidson Irons. Because of the incredible amount of similarities between the Iron 883 and the Iron 1200, there are a few people out there who consider the 1200 just another redesign of the 883.

Technically, however, the two are very different. The 2020 model of the Iron 1200 boasts a 1202cc displacement version of Harley’s Evolution engine, a 10.0:1 compression ratio, 73 pounds per foot of torque at 3,500 rpm, and a frame comfortable enough for long drives.

Another of Many More to Come

Harley-Davidson has announced plans to produce 100 high-power, high-performance motorcycles by the year 2027. With the Iron 1200, the company draws itself one step closer to completing this long line of powerful cruisers.

Filmed in Its Predecessor’s Shadow

As of August of 2019, no Iron 1200 has been used in the production of any major film or TV show. However, the 883 has been seen on about half a dozen sets, bringing home more film and TV credits than any other model with the Iron name.

Social Groups

Harley-Davidson motorcycle social groups are among the easiest to find in the United States, in part because of the Harley’s expert cultivation of a cult-like following. In fact, Harley-Davidson motorcycling has become somewhat of a subculture in the US. Check out this page, for example, which has more than 30,000 likes.

Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 – A Modern Classic

Although it was only produced a few years ago, relatively recent in comparison to any of the major classics of motorcycling history, there are a few riders out there who are already betting big money on the Iron 1200 becoming a classic in the next couple decades.

We could bet against them, but who could bet against a HOG when Harley is constantly blowing consumer expectations sky high?