Honda Pilot

With the practicality of a full-size minivan and the feel of a crossover, the Honda Pilot might just be one of the best family vehicles on the market for those looking for something a bit sportier. 

When it comes to the Honda lineup, the Pilot has long been known as the “reliable family mid-size crossover” for a good reason. Thanks to the strong, high-quality V-6 engine and the spacious interior, it can go just about anywhere that your family needs to go.

An Introduction to the Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot made its debut back in 2002 and was primarily aimed at the North American market, as many drivers in this market were looking for a larger, non-minivan vehicle to haul their families around in. 

Technology and Performance of the Honda Pilot

The 2020 Honda Pilot comes complete with a V-6 engine and an array of transmission choices, though the favorite seems to be the nine-speed automatic, which you can find on best and Touring trim levels. It uses 20” wheels that cruise nicely over rougher terrain, though smaller 18” wheels come standard for city drivers.

The interior of the Honda Pilot is incredibly spacious and features a family-friendly in-cabin PA system. Most of the trim levels have a three-across second-row design, meaning you can fit eight passengers inside at once. The dashboard comes complete with a variety of easy-to-use controls, including climate and audio controls, as well as a modern digital gauge cluster. There are 16 cup holders spread across the vehicle as well, plenty for the whole family and more. 

The base-level trim uses a 5.0” touchscreen infotainment system, though you have the ability to upgrade to an 8.0” system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Some of the driver-assistance features include forward-collision alert, adaptive cruise control, and lane-departure warning.

A Timeline of the Honda Pilot

  • First Generation Honda Pilot (2003-2008)

The first-generation Honda Pilot featured a 3.5L V-6 SOHC engine with VTEC technology, which produced 240 horsepower. By 2005, the Pilot received drive-by-wire throttle with a brand new engine. In 2006, the Pilot received a total facelift with a new grille and halogen projector lights. The gauge cluster was also updated completely.

  • Second Generation Honda Pilot (2009-2015)

The second-generation Honda Pilot saw some pretty significant changes, including a boxier yet tougher appearance. It allowed for eight passengers thanks to the increased interior space. The engine was also upgraded to a 3.5L V-6 24-Valve SOHC engine with new i-VTEC technology.

  • Third Generation Honda Pilot (2016-Present)

By 2016, The Pilot was given a much sleeker body design with hexagonal vents and stretched lights. LED technology was integrated into the lighting system. Some of the new features during this generation included the 8.0” infotainment touchscreen, a new navigation system, and new Earth Dreams Technology powertrains.

The Honda Pilot in the News

In recent news, a man from Ulster County was just arrested after stealing a 2005 Honda Pilot and attempting to murder an officer. He has been found guilty on a number of charges.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Honda Pilot

Unfortunately, we have been unable to find any celebrity owners of this family vehicle. With that said, there are plenty of celebrity Honda owners in general, including Gwen Stefani with her Honda Odyssey, Ronda Rousey with her Honda Accord, and Jamie Lee Curtis with her Honda FCX Clarity.

Best Honda Pilot Groups

The Piloteers is easily one of the best groups for Honda Pilot owners and enthusiasts looking to talk modifications or troubleshooting.

The Honda Pilot – The Top of the Honda SUV Stack

The Honda Pilot is made to deliver all of the space and features that a family could desire. To this day, it is one of the best large SUVs on the market, perfect for any large family on the go.