Honda Rebel 300

As the name would suggest, the Honda Rebel 300 refuses to conform to traditional norms of motorcycle design. This motorcycle is not like other superbikes, motorcycles, or scooters. Instead, it makes its own way.

Honda Standard

Typical Honda motor vehicles tend to stick to the simple, tried and true design that Hondas are known for. Ordinarily, when you see a motorcycle, scooter, or whatever else, you can tell by looking at it who manufactured it or at least who designed it. That’s not the case with the Rebel series.

First produced in 1985, Honda’s Rebel series has been burning rubber and taking names, blazing its own way as the black sheep line in the Honda family. The Rebel 300 (2017 to present) are no exception to this rule.

Designed to Rebel

Everything from the frame and suspension systems to the fairing and face of the Rebel 300 has been designed to break away from the traditional Honda aesthetic, and it seems to be working. People love the Rebel series.

This machine was intended as a cruiser, has satisfied all of the demands of the genre, and with the 2019 model coming in at just under $4,500 it’s affordable, too, making it a great low-bore engine for beginners.

One Generation

There have been countless iterations of the Rebel series, however, each sub-series has a varying number of specific models and generations. The Rebel 300 in particular has only one generation, as it hasn’t been around for very long.

Honda Rebel 300 (2017-present)

In creating the Rebel 300 for the 2017 model year, designers engineered a double steel cradle frame to contain a four-stroke, parallel-twin cylinder, DOHC engine with four valves per cylinder and a mild displacement measurement of 286cc, making it a great bike for beginners.

The detailed telescoping fork suspensions enable this motorcycle to have decent vibration and rattle control while off-roading, but it is by no means an Enduro racer.

More Rebels on the Horizon? Maybe Not!

Given that production of this model didn’t even begin until 2017 and is still coming in at or exceeding targeted sales revenues each year, it should come as a bit of a surprise to know that the Rebel 300 might not be coming back in the 2020 model year.

As of August 2019, it has yet to be announced one way or the other.

Fifteen Seconds of Fame

The Rebel series has been going strong for a little over three decades as of 2019, but not every model has appealed to film and TV producers the same way. While the Honda Rebel 300 may not yet have made its big break into the entertainment industry, the Rebel 250 sure has.

Social Groups

When it comes to care, Honda-dedicated social groups are some of the loudest and easy to find. With motorcycles, however, not so much. Of course, there are still groups like this one with more than 6,000 members.

Honda Rebel 300 – Rebelling Against the Classics

If you love Honda specs but you’ve never quite liked the way they engineer the aesthetics of silhouettes of their motorcycles, then the Rebel series is probably a born fit for you. These motorcycles have been rebelling against the classic Honda aesthetic ever since first hitting the market in 1985.