how to deliver a baby

Everyone knows that, when a baby is ready to be born, that baby is going to be born. It does not matter to the baby where he or she is born, he or she is coming out no matter what. In all actuality, delivering a baby is not incredibly difficult, but it requires being calm, collected, and prepared.

Steps for Delivering a Baby

No matter where you are, the steps for delivering a baby will relatively be the same. If you are in a car, you’ll want to position the mother in the backseat and open a door for her to be able to stretch and spread her legs enough to give birth. You will position yourself outside of the door to catch the baby when he or she is born. So, what else do you need to know?

  • First, don’t panic. Stay calm and focus on helping the mother stay calm. Deep breaths!
  • Call 911. Even if the case is not emergent, this will have medical help sent your way whether the baby is born by the time they get there or not.
  • Try to wash or disinfect your hands. If you have access to a sink with soap, that is best. Sometimes, you only have access to a sanitizer. That will do if necessary.
  • Take the mother’s lead. She knows what her body is doing, and she can tell you how she is feeling.
  • Be ready to catch the baby. The head will come out first. Find a clean piece of cloth, like a towel or a t-shirt, and wipe the baby’s face. Wipe downward on the nose and mouth to clear the baby’s airway. 
  • Catch the rest of the baby. The next push will release the shoulders. Remember, you are never to pull the baby at any time. Allow it to be pushed out of the mother. Once the shoulders are out, the next push will release the rest of the body.
  • Deal with the placenta. The placenta usually comes out about 10 to 15 minutes after the baby. Refrain from cutting the umbilical cord because you most likely do not have sterile surgical instruments around to cut it.

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After Delivering the Baby

Once the baby is delivered, it’s important to place it immediately on the mother’s chest and place blankets around the child and mother in order to keep the baby warm. The mother’s skin-to-skin contact with the baby will calm the baby down and allow it to adjust to life outside the womb. 

You Just Brought a Human Into the World!

Give yourself a pat on the back after all is said and done because you just participated in a miracle! Stay with the mother until medical professionals are with her in case she experiences any issues. Once she is taken care of by a midwife or doctors, you can finally sit, take a breath, and reflect on the fact that you just helped bring a human into the world!