Hudson Hornet Club Coupe

From the beginnings of stock car racing to the forefront of the muscle car era, it is difficult to talk about the 1950s without making mention of the Hudson Hornet.

A Mid-Century History of the Hudson Hornet Club Coupe

The Hudson Motor Car Company, which was created in 1909, was looking for a way to create a new image for their company with a sleek, tough car that could cruise on the streets and hold its own on the track. In 1951 they came up with the idea for the famous Hudson Hornet.

The Muscle Design of the Hudson Hornet Club Coupe

The last iteration of the Hudson Hornet came with an AMC V-8 engine and 255 horsepower. Some of the top features included dual-exhaust, V-line styling, and fender finettes on the rear quarter panels.

A Timeline of the Hudson Hornet Club Coupe

  • First Generation Hudson Hornet Coupe (1951-1954)

The first generation Hornets are distinguished by their step-down design and low center of gravity thanks to the low profile chassis.

  • Second Generation Hudson Hornet Coupe (1955-1957)

The second generation was a Nash motor car that was redesigned under Hudson without a step-down platform.

The Hudson Hornet Club Coupe in the News

According to recent news, Steve McQueen’s gorgeous ‘53 Hudson Hornet is back on the auction block. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Hudson Hornet Club Coupe

Though Steve McQueen and Marshall Teague were arguably the most famous owners of this 50s muscle car, the new generation likely knows the Hudson Hornet known as Doc Hudson from Pixar’s Cars trilogy.

See Doc Hudson in the race below!

Best Hudson Hornet Club Coupe Groups

While there are no large groups that are specific to the Hudson Hornet, we do recommend checking out the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club, which was founded in 1959 and has tons of members!

The Hudson Hornet Club Coupe – the Original Race Car

Though its days of dominating NASCAR might be long gone, the Hudson Hornet Club Coupe lives on as one of the coolest muscle cars of the 1950s!