Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe

Many praise the Lincoln Zephyr as one of the first successful vehicles of the 20th century, because compared to many other models of the time, it had a relatively long lifespan. Needless to say, it was a car ahead of its time. 

The Birth of the Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe

Lincoln released the Zephyr in 1936, as they knew that they needed a mid-size luxury sedan that more people could afford. The Zephyr name came from the Greek god Zephyrus, or the “king of the wind”, as the car had an incredibly aerodynamic design. 

Technology and Innovations of the Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe

While Lincoln transferred the Zephyr over from the Lincoln Motor Company to the Lincoln Division to produce heritage models until 1948, the last true Lincoln Zephyr models were made in 1940. These vehicles featured a 4.8L V-12 engine. Only 54 Club Coupe and 350 Cabriolets were ever made. 

A Timeline of the Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe (1936-1940)

The 1936 Lincoln Zephyr was available in both two-door and four-door sedan models with an optional radio. By 1937, it was renamed the Coupe-Sedan. It wasn’t until 1938 that a Convertible Coupe was added to the lineup. 

The Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe in the News

In recent news, Lincoln has just filed a trademark for the Zephyr name, which hints at the fact that they may want to use the name for a new car that will be the successor of the MKZ. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe

To afford a Lincoln Zephyr, you likely have to be a celebrity. Some classic Lincoln Zephyr owners include Alice Cooper, Elvis Presley, and E.T. Gregorie.

Best Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe Groups

The Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club is one of the largest groups that are dedicated to preserving and restoring Lincoln Automobiles. 

The Lincoln-Zephyr Coupe

A surprising amount of Zephyrs are still out there, as owners likely noted their significance and took care of them. Unfortunately, they rarely switch hands at auction. Hopefully Lincoln decides to bring back the Zephyr name so that we can get our hands on the next generation of classic cars! 

Make sure to check out one Lincoln Zephyr survivor below to see the car in action!