Porsche Boxster

Though the Porsche brand may seem like they always have their heads held high, they haven’t always seen success. There was a period in the 1990s when Porsche was on the verge of bankruptcy. It wasn’t until the introduction of the Porsche Boxster that the company found itself back on its feet. The question is, how did this car manage to save an entire company?

A History of Adversity and the Porsche Boxster

Porsche’s annual sales had seen a massive decrease in the early 1990s. They went from selling around 50,000 units per year in the mid-1980s to about 14,000 units per year by 1993. Much of this had to do with the failing United States economy. Porsche knew that they needed to create a model that was affordable and could match the success of the then-popular Mazda Miata. 

Development and Evolution of the Porsche Boxster

The last year for the Boxster was 2016, as Porsche later switched the name over to the Porsche 718. It came with a 3.4L engine and was available in both six-speed manual and seven-speed PDK transmission. At the time, it had the best handling of any sports car on the market thanks to the mid-engine design.

A Timeline of the Porsche Boxster

  • First Generation Porsche Boxster (1996-2004)

The first generation Porsche Boxster came with a water-cooled mid-engine configuration that helped to improve overall handling and aerodynamics. It came with the choice of a 2.5 or 2.7L equating to 204 hp and 207 hp respectively. 

  • Second Generation Porsche Boxster (2005-2012)

The second generation got an aesthetic re-design with rounded headlights similar to the Carrera. The wheel arches were increased in size and in 2006, the engine was upgraded with five extra horsepower. By 2008, it had a limited-slip differential, as well as an upgraded Porsche Communication Management System.

  • Third Generation Porsche Boxster (2012-2016)

The third and final Porsche Boxster Generation gained six inches in the wheelbase, though it was lighter than the second generation thanks to the new aluminum construction.

The Porsche Boxster in the News

In recent Porsche Boxster news, there is now some insider information being leaked that says there could be an electric Boxster / Cayman in the works. Oliver Blume, current Porsche Chairman, recently said in an interview that they are testing new prototypes.

If that gets you excited, check out this electric Porsche 911 below!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Porsche Boxster

As a sleeker looking 911 with class, it is no wonder why this car has so many celebrity owners. Some of the famous and proud Porsche Boxster owners include Lindsay Lohan, James Martin, and Ashley Tisdale.

Best Porsche Boxster Groups

If you’re looking for a place to show off your Boxster or just share your love for this classic car, head on over to Boxster Forums to find some like-minded Boxster enthusiasts. 

The Porsche Boxster – a Rise from the Ashes

The Porsche Boxster was proof that out of misfortune can come success. Though off of production lines now, this modern, retro roadster lives on through the 718. We can only hope that Porsche never needs another savior moment again!