Suzuki GW250

Although Suzuki is predominantly known for its presence in the Big Four and the ability of its designers to repeatedly engineer high-performance race-winners, Suzuki also produces high-quality starters and beginner bikes such as the GW250.

Nothing but Racers?

A common misconception about Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda is that the only motorcycles that they produce are high-bore superbikes in the 500+ cubic centimeter brackets. That’s simply not the case.

In fact, Suzuki has been producing low-bore engines for almost a decade longer than it has even been participating in racing circuits. Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda each have similar stories, though each company varies in their histories.

Easy-to-Learn Design

As with any starter bike, low-bore engines with limited top speeds and a good amount of (but not too much) torque that will prevent you from idling out into traffic or flipping yourself into accidental wheelies is a necessity.

The four-stroke, parallel twin-cylinder, SOHC engine with a modest displacement of 248cc that designers chose for the Suzuki GW250 tackled this problem with thorough accuracy.

The Timeline Varies

While the timeline below says that the GW250 production ended in 2017, that is not entirely true. Production technically did continue in a few isolated regions of Eastern Asia for a short period of time afterward, however, the majority of the clientele was cut off in 2017.

Production ended in most countries around that time due to mandatory ABS requirements on anything above 125cc in the EU, but continues elsewhere as of 2019, though it most likely isn’t available in your area.

Suzuki GW250 (2011-2017)

The Suzuki GW250 sported plenty of electronic components. From the electronic fuel injection system to the fully transistorized, electronic ignition, there are plenty of automatic functions on the GW250 that enable beginner riders to learn the ropes without struggling to get the bike moving.

Rest in Peace, GW250

As of 2017, emissions standards and motor vehicle regulations in the EU claimed yet another victim.

The introduction of mandatory ABS requirements on any motorcycle, superbike, or scooter above 125cc crippled the market for the GW250, of which there are no plans to create an ABS version, and rendered the motorcycle essentially discontinued.

Political Endorsements? Try Again

Given the ever-rising standards for emissions control in regions such as the EU, Canada, and the United States, the GW250 has never come close to any sort of endorsement. While celebrities and film and TV producers do love Suzuki models, this does not happen to be one of the chosen few.

Social Groups

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Suzuki GW250 – One of Suzuki’s Finest Starter Bikes

If you can manage to get your hands on one of these models, lucky you. It will no doubt prove a great commuting companion while you improve your riding skills and work your way up to bigger engines.