Suzuki Katana GSX-1100S

The Katana comes in many shapes and sizes but every single one, like the blade, is known for its sharp, cutting control and fluid mobility. The Suzuki Katana is one of the most versatile and reproduced models under the Suzuki name.

A Diverse History

The Suzuki Motor Corporation was founded in 1909 with the aim of producing civilian passenger motor vehicles. However, when the ravages of World War II came to Japan, the government heavily impeded production capabilities in order to focus production on military essentials.

Eventually the Suzuki factories would be destroyed, but the company eventually bounced back. Flash forward to 1981, and the Suzuki Motor Corporation was producing units of the Suzuki GSX1100S consumer motorcycle the world over.

A Little Bit of Everything

The most notable benefits that the Katana has over other motorcycles is its consumer-centric focus for its marketing and production. Between 1981 and 2006, and again from 2019 to present, the Katana has been changed and retrofitted to better align with variations in industry niches at least 20 times.

However, despite all of these countless iterations of motorcycles and scooters under the Katana name, none stands out quite like the GSX-1100S.

One of a Kind in a Long Line of Similar Models

Though there are virtually an infinite array of various models and generations both leading up to and after the GSX-1100S, time would be wasted if we didn’t give this model of the Katana special treatment.

  • Suzuki Katana GSX-1100S (2000-2001)

The Suzuki Katana GSX-1100S enjoyed vastly improved performance capabilities as compared to the models that came before it. Not only were the cosmetics improved, but the engine was entirely redesigned.

For this model, Suzuki incorporated technology from what was known as the ED-2 engine, short for European Design Two, and built upon the already great performance capabilities, significantly improving both handling and power.

The 16-valve, air-cooled, four-stroke, transverse four-cylinder, DOHC engine boasted an enormous displacement of 1073cc, making it one of the largest motorcycle engines Suzuki has ever produced.

Cutting Through the News

As recently as 2019, Suzuki announced plans to reinstate the Katana series and introduced the world to another, more modern Katana. While this new version is vastly different from the famous GSX-1100S, it carries on the GSX-1100S’s torch with finesse, power, and mobility.

The Katana in TV and Film

Not necessarily the GSX-1100S, but multiple variations thereof as well as other members of the Katana series have been seen on set of more than a dozen films, TV shows, and animes between when they first hit production and now.

Social Groups

Facebook is the place to go for social groups, particularly for Suzuki. In fact, all it took was one quick key phrase in the search bar and the results populated countless groups. This one in particular has more than 2,000 members.

The Suzuki Katana GSX-1100S  – A Cutting Edge Classic

The GSX-1100S might have gone out of production almost two decades ago, but its legacy still cuts through the competition like a hot knife through butter. If you ever see a GSX-1100S hit auction, you’d best press “buy now,” because odds are it’s not going to be very long before somebody swoops in and snags it.