Suzuki SV650X

Created the same years as Suzuki’s asphalt-melting, record-breaking Hayabusa, the SV650X hit the market with a different aim: to provide a more enjoyable cruising experience for Suzuki fans and to capture a larger share of the emerging “naked bike” market.

Dual Histories

In 1998, Suzuki was working on multiple projects at the same time. The two major projects were to create a production motorcycle capable of breaking the world record for the fastest production motorcycle. That was accomplished with the production of the Hayabusa.

The second project was to captivate motorcyclists in the market for naked motorcycles, superbikes, and scooters. That was accomplished with the production of the Hayabusa.

Naked Design

The Suzuki SV650X features an open-bodied design with the engine compartment with an exposed aesthetic, giving the motorcycle a skeletal, or “naked,” silhouette. This would go on to be the hallmark of the line.

Instead of having a closed, compact frame with loads of fairing cluttering up the body in an attempt at styling the motorcycle, Suzuki designers gave into the naked bike craze and, with the SV650X, gave a great answer to the question of “What if the frame weren’t so cluttered?”

Timeline of Changes

The Suzuki SV650X has gone through three major generations with a small gap in between them during which time Suzuki discontinued the SV650X only to return it later backed by popular demand.

Suzuki SV650X (1999-2002)

The engine used in the original 1999 SV650X was much less powerful than that of the record-breaking Hayabusa, but that’s just the difference between a cruiser and a superbike.

The SV650X sported a modest engine displacement with great mid-range torque and moderate weight, making it a great motorcycle for beginners as well as somewhat more experience riders, though the experts tended to drift closer to the Hayabusa.

Suzuki SV650X (2003-2012)

For the 2003 model year bikes and those that came after until being discontinued for 2013, the frames were entirely redesigned to use an aluminum truss framework rather than the original trellis design.

Suzuki SV650X (2017-present)

The newer models feature significantly improved performance output in the form of 645cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90-degree, V-twin engines.

News has referred to the act of owning of an SV650X as analogous to owning a puppy. This review has been widely circulated and further bolstered the reputation that is often attributed to the SV650 line, particularly the X models.

Celebrity Endorsements

Aside from the endorsement of the SV650X from, there have been few if any mentions of celebrities openly enjoying SV650X models. All models of the SV650 also seem to be notably lacking in TV in film credits.

Social Groups

Suzuki motorcycles provide the owner with a unique sense of difficulty when it comes to finding specialized motorcycle fan pages on social media. While there are a number of pages and groups, few have as many members as this one, which only has just under 2,000 likes.

Suzuki SV650X – the Puppy of Cruisers

The Suzuki SV650X has been described excitable, jumpy, and easy to love, leading some to call it the Puppy of Cruisers. A fitting name, considering how much our motorcycle hobbies cost us!