Suzuki TU250X

When people think of Suzuki, they think high-performance engines with speeds above 100 miles per hour whipping down the race track. Although this is not technically wrong, Suzuki also has a long and successful tradition of creating high-quality beginner bikes.

Suzuki Makes More than Just Supersports

Far from a superbike by any stretch of the word, the introduction of the TU250X in the American markets in 2009 (and Japan in 1997) of the Suzuki TU250X appeared as an awkward market shock to anybody unfamiliar with the history of the Suzuki company.

Suzuki has been producing casual cruisers and starter bikes since long before the company broke out into the world of racing and took the world by storm. Today, despite its membership in the Big Four, Suzuki still hasn’t forgotten where it came from.

Baby by Design

The phrase “baby bike” isn’t meant to be derogatory so much as it is simply facetious, which is especially evident when looking inside the frame of Suzuki’s TU250X.

The TU250X has a relatively mild engine with only a 249cc displacement, similar to many of Suzuki’s other beginner motorcycles, superbikes, and scooters. In fact, in comparison to those other models, the engine used in the TU250X is actually one cubic centimeter larger.

Two Generations of Education

This beginner bike experienced a total redesign of the first generation almost a decade before it even came to the markets of the United States. Once there, however, the second generation continued strong until as recently as 2019.

Suzuki TU250X (1994-2003)

The first generation of TU250X models never entered the US market during its production. If a friend of yours happens to have a TU250X from any model year at or before 2004, it is quite likely that it was initially produced for sale more than a decade ago and he bought it more recently.

Suzuki TU250X (2003-present)

The second generation of this series entered production in 2003 and eventually went on to break through into the US markets in 2009. These models saw minor upgrades to the fuel-tank, trim, ignition, and starter, as well as various cosmetic “improvements,” among other changes.

Featured News

In August of 2019, listed the 2020 model year Suzuki TU250X in it’s Motorcycle Buying Guide as one of it’s preferred items in the standard/sport category.

Celebrities on Suzukis

The Suzuki TU250X isn’t just a cool-looking beginner’s motorcycle, but that’s all it took for it to be included in multiple TV shows and films, including the reboots for Baywatch and MacGyver.

Social Groups

As a general rule of thumb, if the motorcycle has been included in multiple big-name films or TV shows, it likely has a decent social media following. This particular Facebook page has more than 700 followers.

Suzuki TU250X – A Reminder of Suzuki’s Roots

It almost always turns out great for motorcyclists when a company as successful as Suzuki decides to get back to its roots and build a bike for the newcomers to the motorcycling scene. The introduction of the Suzuki TU250X into US markets in 2009 was no exception.